Health and Safety Audits 

We can come into your business, spend some time with your management team/workforce, perform a gap analysis to identify any weak area which may be evident within your Company, and put together a plan for addressing these areas. We don’t take you in any direction in which you are not prepared to go, we simply advise the best way forward and offer to give any help you may need. 

Kitchen Hygiene Audits 

We have previously audited commercial kitchens in conjunction with Environmental Health Practitioners. If your Company is liable to be visited by the local authority EHP, it is within your best interest to ensure that your kitchen hygiene and staff procedures meet the required standards. We can perform kitchen hygiene audits and give you a full report on where your kitchen hygiene/staff procedures may not quite be meeting the relevant standards. This gives you the opportunity to make improvements before an EHP visit. This can mean the difference between retaining or losing your food hygiene standard rating. 

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirements 

If your Company is involved with food, whether it be manufacturing, processing, storage, or even if you just deliver your product/perform your service into or within these kinds of environments, you need to understand the importance of HACCP and be able to put relevant HACCP controls in place. We can audit your controls procedures, advise what you need to be aware of and give advice as to the relevant further controls you need to put in place. 


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